guest house

for olive oil producer




architecture & presentation:

Dana Krhlanko


phase: preliminary design

Olive tree was here before us…..

Millennium wisdom inscribed in its bark.
Its roots coping with the hardest of soils.
Danced since forever with the wildest winds
Olive tree knows it all……

Symbol of peace, symbol of life,
of longevity, of light…
Embodied in its core are
Our dreams and deepest hopes.

Just stop
and ask
No need to search anymore.
Olive tree knows it all.


Ask the Olive tree! is the title of this project. Upon arriving, to enter the Olive house, one is faced by the Olive tree. The path goes around it. Standing there in the middle, Olive tree is the central figure, main character. Wherever one is in the house, the Olive tree is there, right in the middle.

Firm envelope- brick wall, circumferences the whole building, strongly and clearly defining the space. Partly outdoor, partly enclosed, the space flows freely in and out, offering many different sub locations to be used and enjoyed in different modalities.
The brick wall is partly full and structural, enforced by concrete inner support, partly perforated as a brick lace forming the rich shade for the inner spaces.
The house is meant to be very compact, encouraging social contacts. The owners have a few possibilities for the presentations and programs, on all floors.



Although the house is oriented toward group activities and the feeling of being together, variety of micro spaces offers a more intimate setting.
The east, south and west sides are well shaded, either by lace brick wall, or by wooden shutters.
The house opens more freely toward the north and the view. There is the bench along the wall on the plateau that extends toward the mini zen garden.
The cellar is kept away from the heat by keeping the garage door in the niche in the ground.
The main multi-purpose space on the ground floor can be used in variate of ways. When sliding screen is in use, the whole space is oriented toward it. Kitchen and dining elements are included in the central space to make it multi functional. The dining outside is directly connected to the kitchen.



The steps connecting ground floor and 1.floor are strategically placed to keep the communication as a part of the happenings around the house.

First floor contains 4 en-suite bedrooms. Double bedrooms are more spacious to allow some workspace, mediation or yoga.

Central space, between rooms on the 1st floor is designed in a relaxed manner. A group yoga session, children playing, watching movie on a sliding screen… are just a few ideas what can happen here. A reading nook is little extension to open up toward the view.
Firm and simple on the outside, the Olive house is soft and rich on the inside. It closes in and opens up as the days and seasons go by. It connects people by being a home where everyone can be together and alone. It connects people to the Olive tree and the its products.
Its wisdom is given the proper place. Just come and ask. Ask the Olive tree…