winery guest houses

south Italy


architecture & presentation:

Dana Krhlanko


Damir Šeler


phase: preliminary design


The Tily Vini Wine Guest Center “At the Source” is a small, happy, self-oriented universe.
It’s mostly green (roofs and grass and trees and shrubs…), a little bit blue (natural swimming pool), quite earthy  (rammed earth walls), transparent (glass walls), pretty wooden (decking, structural roof elements, pergola, benches…) with stones to hold the ground. Some steel columns are here to elegantly resist the gravity…


The Source

Supreme and Final

No need to worship
the Source
Just let ourselves be driven by it’s force

Love for Winemaking
Love for the Soil
Love for the Plant

Laughing, swimming, wine_tasting, food_savoring, love_making, sky_watching, fire_gazing…..

At Tili’s…..
Where the Source is known.


BioGeometry® is the science of applying design principles to qualitatively balance energy systems and harmonize their interactions with the environment. It was developed and patented by Dr. Ibrahim F. Karim, D.Sc.

In BioGeometry®, proprietary shapes and design principles have been developed to replicate and amplify the highly beneficial natural subtle energy quality. This quality of energy is found on power spots and sacred places throughout the Earth and is called BG3 in BioGeometry. The name BG3 comes from BioGeometry + 3 energy qualities: horizontal, Negative Green and higher harmonics of gold and ultraviolet.

In this project the principle of rotation was used as a BioGeometry designing tool to organize the space around the center in order to activate the BG3 energy quality.